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Soon, I shall be painting another Ork. I'm going to be making a short tutorial oh how to paint an Ork. Why? Well, I have this project of taking seqenced photos... so, why not make a tutorial? Orks are probably the easiest model to paint in the world of warhammer. And I have plently of them... also, I miss painting them. So, fun shall be had later! I may even post it on here. I sometimes get weirded out when I post my artwork online. Paranoid is more the word I should use. Troubles in the past of someone stealing my arts. Boo!

So I bought some halogen lights to set the stage... getting my macro photography skills up to standard. Hopefully it'll work out.

Yesterday, Adrian and myself spent the whole day packing. We're in disbelief at how much shit we own. I have about 10 times more clothes as he does though... but srsly, WTF!? And the SHOES. WHY do I need that many SHOES?!

Enough of that. We still need more packing... Going fairly well though.

Thursday is the day of the move. Here how it'll go:
9:30am - picking up new keys for new apartment! Getting briefed 'bla bla bla'.
10:30am - Dancing in our new house. And moving the little things, like clothes.
12:30pm - Removalists come to old place. Takes our TV, wall unit, bookself, couch and boxes of crap.
1:00pm - Harvey Norman comes in with our BRAND NEW fridge, washing machine, mircowave, coffee maker, vac and other little things we ordered.
Then the rest of the day is unpacking ne w shit and old.

Mind you, our new place is a 10 minute drive away. Haha.

The next day, HOPEFULLY our new bed from Snooze will come. We haven't heard from them yet... so a little concerned.
On the 30th of Aug, we have our final inspection... yeh, NOT looking forward to that. I have a feeling we won't get our bond back. Lame. =(.

Ok, off to clearing things out of the way to do some work...


Preparing the unprepared.

I have a TON of work to do. A fucking TON. I just looked back at it all, 'How am I going to do all this?'. So, I'm making a list. Here we go!

- Vis Comm - Project Plan. ...Sketch sketch sketch.
- Image Capture - Project 2. Images series and layout. Macro photography. I'll use my warhammer figurines. I need to buy two lamps!
- Tech 2 - Hand render... hmmm... Promoting a AromaTherpy company. Need to take photos.
- Digital Media - Fucking ActionScript. Flash likes to fuck up. ALOT.
- Studio 2 - Metamorphsis theme. Zombie Apcolpyse. The morphing from human to zombie?
- Cultures - Study up Moderism. Tschicold. Bauhaus. U$A. Swiss designs. Add in new technologies.

Ok, that sounds like its alot. But its over a long period of time... and some intertwine (sp?) with each other, so thats a definate plus!

And you know whats really annoying? I have all this work to do, yet I'm bored. I don't know where to start. Procastinating hardcore. Actually, I feel like curling up, under some warm blankets, in front of a heater reading a good book.

Nick Caves' new book is quite good. Half way through and loving it. Even though its just so... gross? Raw?  I really can't put it down. The story is srsly sucking me in. Also I can't believe its taken him so long to produce another book.

Tomorrow. Adrian and myself are packing for the new move. We have this weekend to pack some of the stuff. OH, and I found the most gorgeous red, small, long side? table! Its like, one of those 'put against the wall and hang a fancy mirror on top with candles' type of table. Just simply gorgeous. Forking out another 200$ though... But I'll probably do it anyway. ... Hopefully its still in the store. The store is called 'Made in Japan' And everything there is just simply divine.

Ok, off for some photoshop work and some good book reading time.


So, its been a fair while. I've been coming onto this site alot, but keep making half arsed entries then deleting them. I don't know why I do that. Maybe I think I'm boring? ... ...

My outlook on life has changed dramatically. A few months ago, my father passed away. It was half suddenly, but.. in the back of my mind I knew it was going to happen quite soon.. I just didn't want to believe in it. Just now, I'm at a loss. My mind is just jumbled up and I really can't think straight. The things I loved and cherished.. are just 'things' to me now. I'm trying to find excitement in the things I used to love so dearly. Am I making any sense?

I am extremely lucky to have a man who loves and adores me. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be seeing a light.. This light is still far away, but at least I know its there.

Ok, I really shouldn't be typing like this. It just doesn't feel right... but a part of me feels like I have the need to type this stuff. Anyway....

We have 8 days left in this apartment. On the 27th of August we're moving to a new apartment in the city of Canberra. Kind of funny, its only 10 minutes away from this place. But we have to leave this place. The new landlord turned out to be a dodgey bastard, who knew very little english.
Last week we went out a bought a brand new fridge, washing machine, mircowave, coffee maker + grinder, vaccum cleaner, bed and mattress. And now we have the nicce things. We decided to go all out and buy a heap of new shiny shit. Our local 'Hardly Normal'(Harvey Norman) had a two day sale, yeh, we went a bit crazy with the new goods... They only thing is.. I hope our fridge fit the 'fridge hole'... Hm, probably should of measured it.

Adrian and I are going to be quite busy packing our shit.. which is a good thing. I need to keep my head busy, or I'll start to over think things again... and over thinking is a thing I do quite often. Art is a great outlet. But I haven't had the motivation for it in a while.

... Really should be doing some work. I'm working on a Zombie Apocalypse project. Too fucking cool.

Holy shit, bitches.

Fuuuuuuck my life. Right now. I swear, its going crazy. Absolutely insane. Ok, so I should blog way more often. That was the plan, I promise... But, you know, things just got a little out of hand over the past few months. I don't know how I handled it, but I did. And life is moving... slowly.

So, WTF! I have no idea where to start. A trip to Bundabung, for a holiday. Stayed with my better halfs parents. Saw Mystery craters. Oh yeh, check them up.


Yeh, mysterious...

So anyway, we came back to lovely freezing cold Canberra and find out we are getting kicked out of our brand new apartment. What the fucking deal, yo! The chick who owns our joint is selling.. and decided not to tell us until our contract was nearly up. Adrian and I had the idea of re-newing our contract, as our place is so cosy. But no. No, not allowed. Bllllah.
We're in the middle of house/apartment hunting. And boy, isn't it fun? Well, yes and no. Some places are way over our budget... We're trying to be smart about it... But I have a feeling we're going to get something that wouldn't be happy in the money pocket.

Ok, so my dad decided to get sick. First it was nothing, well, thats what the Doctor said. But then they found out his liver is fuck. He likes the alcohol a bit too much. Then they find out he has a tumour in his OesoFAGus. So they are all 'We're gonna cut this bitch out'. He had more tests, and found out that the tumour is actually a cancer and spread into his liver and stomach. Bah! They sent him to Melbourne (My parents live in the country in Victoria), and will either give him Cemotherphy or Radiotherpy. He wants the Radio, as he had it before. Yeh, he has had cancer before.. AND amongst all this madness, Adrians father had a Heart attack. We flew over to Brisbane to see him him hospital. He is stable, and everyone is trying to make him stop smoking... But he is stubborn.

So thats my life. In between I've been sick, freaking out about he swine flu. I swear, I got it. I'm living in a pig sty at the moment. BWhahha. Had to. And trying to get work stuff on time. So much photoshopping to be done!

But other than all that craziness, I'm fine.

Now, here is a picture of me with a rather large beer.

Best ever! So sexy *rooowwaar*

So anyway, today we bought mini toilettes for our trip tomorrow. Ah, so cute! Mini toilettes make me so happy. :)

Bought no doz... You know, the tablets that keep you awake? Yeh, this is going to be interesting *twitches*

Ok, so we're taking a bus tomorrow to Sydney. Fuck yeh! Newtown! Yes! Newtown is probably the coolest town I have ever been to. Coolest. Ever. Srsly, you should check it out, fo'sho'.

So heres the plan: Spend the day in newtown. Buy a cactus. Drink many beers with said cactus. Dance with punks. Eat unknown foods. Maybe some pie. Oh yes! I saw a fairly hip pie store. So getting pie tomorrow.... on nom nom noms. Sleep. Wake up. Shit. Eat. Drink. Plane to Queensland. Be all 'I'm melting because its so fucking hot' like. Then be cool kids with Adrians family. 
We're going to 'Mystery craters'!!! And it has a random dinosaur at the place... so taking many photos. AH, note to self: Take MANY photos!!11! 
Hm. Taking laptop so I can use the internets. Wish I could take ps3... *cries*. Totally taking DS. I need some form of gaming device. This laptop is shit when it comes to games... Neverwinter nights is sooooo sloooooow. And sacred2 doesn't even work. Fuck you lappppptop.

I totally spilt tea of my arm. Damn you tea.

I hear cartoons. I'm going to watch cartoons. I love cartoons.


Life as we know it.

So I've added a couple of communities on here. Hopefully I can get some people with the same interests as me. Surprisingly I hav found quite a few who are a lot like me.. But never in the real world, weird huh? Most of my friends are guys in the real world, as they have the most in common with me.. heh.

So, we're being kicked out of our apartment. Lol. Ok, not a laughing matter. Well, I think its a good thing.. Ok, so the situation is, I live with my boyfriend, Ady. We live in the city of Canberra (Australia's capital city, look it up). My bf got posted here (Air Force), and we absolutely love it here. Problem is, the chick that owns the apartment we're living in is selling... which we just found out last night. So, in the next three months we have to go house/apartment hunting... not fun. Fortunately, this time of year is good. Not like last time, during Christmas... hectic as all hell. We have an appointment with some guy from the independant agency and hopefully he'll find us a nice enough joint. Looking between $370-450 per week. And... looking into the Braddon/ Reid/ Campbell area of ACT. Or even the heart of the city... but that's way too expensive.

I am yet to be stimulated by K. Rudd. Pay the fuck up! Ok, so us Australians who paid tax last year.... or something like that gets $900 from the government. I should be one of them. Or more, as I am also a student. And on a pension (Injury from discharging from RAAF). So, I'm looking forward to the monies... eehehehe.  When that money gets into my bank, it is gone for a new bond. -_-" Damn...

I have to clean the apartment now.. being inspected soon, eek...


First post.

I do own another blog on vox.com, but this one seems alot more easier. So, here I go, blogging my life online. Hah, that line just sounds so sad, but so many people do it.

Not quite sure what I will accomplish here, hopefully some new online friends... ke?

I may or may not make this journal friends only... Depends how much of my life I will open up on here.

Well, I'm off to customise this a bit more.. still learning the ways of lj.com. Might even joined some groups!